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Once upon a time, each Odyssey Dive Club Instructor put their head underwater for the first time and, each one was probably slightly apprehensive... At least a couple of the following questions passed through their minds before they took the plunge.

FAQIs my current level of fitness adequate?
FAQIsn't this an activity for people younger than myself?
FAQAt what age can you start diving?
FAQI'm scared of running out of air underwater.
FAQI'm claustrophobic!
FAQMy ears hurt when I dive into the deep end of the pool.
FAQI'm a smoker. Does that mean I can't dive?
FAQHow deep can we go?
FAQHow long does a tank of air last?
FAQI'm scared of some underwater creatures!
FAQWhat if my mask comes off?
FAQWhat's a decompression accident (The Bends)?
FAQHow can you recognise a reputable, safe dive club?
FAQDo you have to first learn in a swimming pool?
FAQDive planning seems so complicated and I'm allergic to maths. Will I manage?
FAQIf I've already got a diving license can I dive alone wherever I want?
FAQWhat if I really love it? Where can I carry on diving when I get back home?
FAQHow much of my holiday will diving take up? I'll be traveling with my family.
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